Michael Yardy

by admin on December 23, 2011

Michael Yardy

Sussex cricket club player Michael Yardy has spoken to the media for the first time about how the issues around his mental illness meant that he was left depressed.

Yardy, who last played for England during this edition of the World Cup before returning back to his country in the middle of the tournament because of the mental illness, said that he was left without too much sleep.

The left-arm spinner who has led the English cricket club of Sussex, said that he will still like to do a job for his team in the smallest format of the game.

Yardy said that he needed to perform well for Sussex to be able to come in contention for a place in the national side.

He added, “I would love to play for England in Twenty20 cricket. No one can argue that I didn’t perform well and to help win the last World Cup was one of the highlights of my career.

Yardy suffered from a similar mental issue that Marcus trescothick had endured, which meant that he needed to quit the team midway through the World Cup. .

Following the well-publicised struggles of Marcus Trescothick and Stan Collymore, there is a growing understanding that depression can hit sportsmen as easily as anyone else.

The left-armer agreed that he was one of the more privileged people around and yet, he wasn’t able to cope with the pressure.

However, the English club cricketer defended himself by comparing his problems with a physical injury. He said, “I see it in the same way as a player who has had injury ­problems. I don’t think it is any different. There is always a risk that someone might pull a hamstring if they have had hamstring ­problems before.”

Yardy was one of the World T20 Cup winning players in 2010.

He has also said that he wasn’t able to get any sleep and hence was like a zombie during the World Cup in India.

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